• Square Head Trimming Die

Square Head Trimming Die

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Square Head Trimming Die

SunRise Hardware was founded in 2004. With Asia's leading development, manufacturing and testing equipment . Has professional heat treatment equipment and advanced numerical control equipment.

Trimming dies are used to make hex heads or lag bolts to form the shape of the head.And we have applied titanium to it to increase its lifespan.

We have more than 3,000 square meters of production workshops and more than 200 workers. Both production and stock levels meet the needs of our customers.

Square Head Trimming Die

Trimming die is used to making hex head or square head bolt to form the head shape.

There are two types of die, one is “solid” one piece and another is two pieces assembled with carbide inserted. 
The customized design is also available.



Standard norm

Depending on the needs of the customer


Square, Hexagon, Octangle

Coating type

Without coating

With TIN coating-yellow coated 

Please provide detailed dimensions or sample drawings for your reference or ordering.

What information is required to ask the price of the second punch
The way we do is that you send your enquiry with the details as follow: 1.OD & L. 2.Material for second punches. 3.Is the second punch used to make stainless steel screws or iron screws? 4.Standard or non-standard:If non-standard Please Provide drawings or samples. 5.Whether a titanium coating is required:Is it yellow or black if needed? 6.Quantity (if applicable, or we shall provide o...more
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